About Us

We put together a Mission Philosophy of sorts a couple years ago with a lot more information but here is a little glimpse of who we are:

We are the Allison Family. Chris grew up in a missionary family in Kenya. Casey grew up in Alabama. We met at Harding University, got married during our Junior year, and the rest is history. We now have 7 beautiful children - Maggie, Melanie, Marcus, Matthew, McKenna, Melissa, and Merrick. We live in a small village in the middle of Cambodia working to serve the Lord and bring people to the knowledge of Him and to salvation through His name.

We first moved to Phnom Penh in April of 2009. At the time,we only had two kids. Our first two years in country were spent learning the Cambodian language (Khmer) and getting to know people around us. It seems that the more we learn of the language and culture here, the more we realize there is to learn. After living in Phnom Penh for five years, working with our neighbors and in outlying villages, we decided to move out west to Kampong Speu province where we are now.

Our current activities have revolved primarily around getting adjusted to our very new lifestyle in the country. Although our village of Phum Po is not very far away from Phnom Penh (about an hour’s drive), or the provincial capital (about 20 minute’s drive), it is still a very rural area. We only recently got grid electricity and we have to pump water from the well we had dug on our land. We have spent a lot of time and energy focusing on getting our home liveable and setting up new routines and systems. We have tried to stay connected with friends in Phnom Penh and set up other “self-care” fallbacks during this transition. We plan to keep those systems in place as we go along to improve our longevity and effectiveness on the field. We have made many friendships in our village and surrounding areas. We are focused much more now on evangelism and discipleship. The primary evangelism method we have adopted is teaching the Bible in homes through story-telling.

Published on  January 18th, 2017